Vicar General Rev. D. Chan blesses the Bible Centre at its inauguration on Dec. 20th, 2003.
The Bible Centre is home to everyone, even the physically handicap who come for Bible lessons and worship.
International Bible scholars like Dr. E. McNamer come regularly as guest speakers at the Bible Centre.

Duns Scotus Bible Centre

In the autobiography of Ven. Fr. Gabriele Allegra, founder of the Studium Biblicum Hong Kong, he mentioned of his desire to open a Bible Centre where Bible lessons could be taught, exhibitions be organized and other biblical activities be conducted in an atmosphere of prayer. 30 years later Fr Benjamin Leong, director of the Studium, wrote to the Franciscan Minister General, reiterating the unfulfilled dream of Fr Allegra and the opportune time to open such a centre in 2001.
This dream was finally realized on Dec. 20th, 2003 when the Duns Scotus Bible Centre was officially blessed by the Vicar General of the Hong Kong diocese, Very Rev. D. Chan. Named after the patron of the Studium Biblicum, as Fr Allegra had desired, the Centre is located in Leighton Centre, Causeway Bay and is accessible by every public means of transport.
Regular Bible classes are held as well as conferences and exhibitions on special occasions. Opportunities for lunch break Bible study as well as the Bible-based Way of the Cross and the Sacrament of Confession during Lent are also organized at the Centre. Bible based retreats, prayer sessions and visits to the Bible lands are also part of the annual schedule of the Centre. Both English and Chinese programmes of instruction are available.
As a leading Bible apostolate institute in the hub of the city, Duns Scotus Bible Centre provides a competent and dynamic service to the Chinese Church based on the Church’s teaching and always in a spirit of ecumenism, as planned by Fr. Allegra.
Duns Scotus Bible Centre is situated at Room 1520, Leighton Centre, 77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay. Telephone (852)-28902682, Email :
The maximum seating capacity of the Centre is 120 persons which includes a reception area and a permanent refreshment corner.

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