Divine Office or Liturgy of the Hours

The Prayer of the Church 

Early Christians continued the Jewish practice of reciting the psalms and reading the Old Testament at various moments of the day (cf. Acts 10:3.9 and 16:25). To these the Christian community through the centuries eventually added New Testament canticles and readings. This series of biblical prayers became the public and official prayer of the Church both in the East and in the West.  

No longer just the obligation of the religious and ordained ministers, the Church today exhorts the laity to also pray the Liturgy of the Hours with the Church, for the Church and through the Church.  

To recite and meditate on God’s Word for the day, click on the following links: 

Lauds (Morning prayer of the day)

Vespers (Evening prayer of the day)

Compline (Night prayer of the day)

Office of Readings  

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