Palm Sunday (April 17)

Liturgy of the Word:

Liturgy of the Word:

1st Reading: In the first reading, a prophet receives God’s word. He is confident God will protect him from harm.

2nd Reading: In the second reading, Paul recalls the great mystery of the incarnation, life, death and resurrection of the Son of God.

Gospel: In the Gospel, Matthew narrates how the suffering, death and burial of Jesus are a testimony to Jesus’ special status as the Son of God and fulfillment of the promises in the Jewish Scriptures.

Reflection on the Readings: Passover, a celebration of liberation for one people, has become a liberating reality open to all people, with bread and wine and a new covenant given to remind us of God’s love. Christ’s passion teaches us not about our sins, our failings and our mistakes, for they are all too familiar to us. Christ’s passion teaches us about God’s love for us: bigger than our sins, making up for our failings and correcting our mistakes. Christ’s passion teaches us that God’s love always shines brightest when we are most in the dark. Christ’s passion teaches us not only about our mistakes, but also about God’s unconditional love. We can begin Holy Week reminded that our failures are never as big as God’s love for us.

Reflection for Offertory: We know that we are always in need, and through faith we know that Christ is here for us no less than he was there for them when he once reclined around a table in the house with his disciples to celebrate the Passover. We are fed; we are strengthened by God’s unfailing love.

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