Easter Vigil (April 23)

Liturgy of the Word

Liturgy of the Word:

1st Reading: In the first reading, the people of Israel walk through the sea. God is leading them to a new life.

2nd Reading: In the epistle reading, Paul reminds us of our baptism and its consequences. United to Jesus’ death and resurrection, we must die to sin and live for God in Christ Jesus.

Gospel: In the Gospel, Matthew presents the resurrection of Jesus as literally and symbolically an earth-shaking event ushering in a new age.

Reflection on the Readings: “Dying he destroyed our death; rising he restored our life.” We come to life through death and burial with Jesus sacramentally in baptism. We spend our lives living out the commitment of our baptism. Since Thursday night we have been celebrating the Passover of the Lord. Jesus passed over from this world to the Father by dying on the cross. His body was buried, but on the third day he rose from the dead. He has entered into a new and glorious life. He has changed the course of human history. We who are doomed to die can die with him and rise with him. We start the process at our baptism. We live our lives dying daily to self and living a life of sacrifice—being “dead to sin and alive for God in Christ Jesus.” We hope one day to die in the Lord and live forever in heaven.

Reflection for Offertory: As we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus in this Eucharist, may all of us know the joy of true freedom that comes from saying yes, Amen, to his holy sacrifice.

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