Retreat for English-speaking Catholics

In the afternoon of 24 October 2009, 31 participants attended a Retreat at Duns Scotus Bible Centre.

In the afternoon of 24 October 2009, 31 participants attended a Retreat at Duns Scotus Bible Centre.   On this occasion the Retreat took on a different dimension than the usual retreats organized.  

It was a short Retreat of three hours. The theme for reflection was ‘God’s Covenant’ and two talks were given.  In the first talk Father recalled the covenants God made in the Old Testament,  with Noah, Abraham, at Mount Sinai, David and Jeremiah.  He pointed out the main characteristics of a covenant which covered the making of a promise, a sign (e.g. a rainbow), a sacrifice and a meal.  Participants were then asked to reflect on the covenants in their own lives, with God, family members, friends, businesses or workplaces, etc. and that at different stages there were different covenants.  

The second talk focused on a new covenant that Jesus made at the Last Supper which fulfilled God’s promise in the Book of Jeremiah (Chapter 31) and that this new covenant was being renewed at every Mass celebration.  Father explained on the structure of the Mass which led to our involvement in a covenant with God through the Sacrament of Holy Communion.  Participants were asked to reflect on what Mass meant to them and the significant role it could play on their lives. 

The setting of the Retreat was at the Duns Scotus Bible Centre. Despite its locality at the heart of Causeway Bay, against a background of relaxing music and dimmed lights participants were provided with a peaceful and sacred space for deep reflections. Between the talks, there was also the recitation of the Rosary when it was a time of complete prayerful involvement. 

Immediate feedback received was most positive. It was spiritually very innovative, ideal for many who were able to cast away their daily pressures for a few hours of solace to refresh their senses and be closer to God.  The locality was convenient and that more such Retreats should be arranged.

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