《Eternal Light Webcast》Special Programme : The Suffering Christ....

ELWC is the inspiration of Blessed Gabriele Allegra - whose chinese name means "eternal light".

ELWC is the inspiration of Blesses Gabriele Allegra - whose chinese name means "eternal light". In his autobiography of 1975 he mentions “Verily the Seraphic Father [St. Francis of Assisi] would have never thought … of the possibility that his sons will use the printing press and publications in reviving the living form of the apostolate…It follows in the logic of things that the friars minor should study, preach, write and speak through the radio and today I would add the television … in [proclaiming the Word of God]”. Eternal Light Webcast proclaims and celebrates the life-giving Word of God from the Holyland. 

ELWC presents 3 programmes focused on the Word of God: “Encountering the Word”, “Praying the Word” and “Celebrating the Word”. Occasional special programmes are also available. 

Watch the Programme : " The Suffering Christ " at 《Eternal Light Webcast》

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