Daily Life and Spirituality Series : Discipleship in a bustling metropolis

Speaker: Hessler, Lee : 21,28/10; 4,11,18,25/11(Monday)
Date: 21,28/10; 4,11,18,25/11
Time: 7:00-8:30pm (Monday)
Content: 21/10 Introduction to the series and Ignatian
              28/10 Creation and the Cross
              04/11 The Call of Christ
              11/11 The Two Standards and Eucharist
              18/11 Movements of Spirits
              25/11 Love
Venue: Duns Scotus Bible Centre, Room 1520 Leighton
             Centre, 77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
Fees: Free of charge (Donations are welcome)
Speaker: Hessler, Lee
Language: Chinese
Enquiry: Email to contact@dsbiblecentre.org Or Tel:2890

*Seating capacity 45 *

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