Advent Retreat held on 22 November 2014

In preparation for Advent 50 participants attended a Retreat conducted in English at the Duns Scotus Bible Centre.......

In preparation for Advent 50 participants attended a Retreat conducted in English at the Duns Scotus Bible Centre. It was a Saturday afternoon and everyone gave up their time gladly to listen to the Word of God and to make themselves ready for Christmas. All were in unison in listening to and reflecting on the Word of God, in prayers on the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the recitation of the Holy Rosary. The attendees were invited to examine and meditate on the 2nd Mass Readings in the 4 Sundays of Advent. It was pointed out that these readings were very often neglected but they do play an integral role in reminding us of the 2nd coming of Our Lord Jesus.

Advent is a time for double celebration, namely (i) the historical birth of Jesus and (ii) the preparation for the waiting(advent) of the 2nd coming of Jesus.

The 1st Advent Sunday Mass 2nd Reading was based on the grace and gifts bestowed on us by God and by the Holy Spirit (Is11:2). We should be thankful for these gifts which united us with God and that we should be happy and not be jealous of others.

The 2nd Sunday 2nd Mass reading focused mainly on peace whereas the 3rd Sunday Mass reading called us to lead perfect and holy lifes. God is always faithful and there is nothing to fear as He would not abandon us. We need to direct our energies to holiness and pray constantly. We should not suppress our talents but offer our services to the betterment of the Christian community.

As for the 4th Sunday Mass reading the emphasis was on God's wisdom. We should let God be in control. We only need to believe and obey. By letting go, emptying ourselves, reconciling ourselves with Jesus we would experience joy and peace this Christmas.

The Duns Scotus Bible Centre has regularly conducted Retreats. Participants are offered an opportunity for prayers and spiritual reflection, a time to set aside quiet moments to be spent only with God. This may be difficult amidst the bustling activities in fast-paced Hong Kong but the Duns Scotus Bible Centre offers just such a place for solace and calm.

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