English Lenten Retreat held on 28 March 2015

The Duns Scotus Bible Centre organizes Lenten Retreats annually
The Duns Scotus Bible Centre organizes Lenten Retreats annually. On this occasion there were 60 participants, of which 29 were from the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church. The Retreat is made up of 3 talks, prayers on the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the Way of the Cross and on the Holy Rosary. The theme this year was on the last few days of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Chapters 27:27-31 of the Gospel of Matthew were studied in detail. Attention was focused on the symbolic meanings of the crown of thorns, the reed and the red cloak which played significant roles in the Passion. Attendees were asked on how the following would reflect on their own lives:

1.the crown of thorns changing to a crown of glory, from decadence to the spirit of justice and courage;

2.the reed which represented authority and power that could lead to abuse, manipulation, insincerity, untruthfulness and shame;

3.the red cloak which covered the entire body of Christ. Red represented the colour of blood, and the deep red earth in Jerusalem. Adam in Hebrew meant earth, i.e. human frailty and humility.

We therefore need to acknowledge how weak we are and how much we needed the cross to save us.

The Duns Scotus Bible Centre is situated in the heart of the bustling Causeway Bay area. It offers serenity and tranquility to all those who would like to set aside their daily routines for a little while and be close to God. Over the 12 years since the inception of the Centre many participants had taken the advantage of this sacred space and the Retreats we organized are always well-received.

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